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SOLOSHOT2 Base, Tag & Camera Controller


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Already own a supported camcorder or DSLR? this handy SOLOSHOT2 package get's you automatic tracking AND camera control! ...


SOLOSHOT2 Base, Tag & Camera Controller - SAVE $300.00

Camcorders -  Automatic Zoom Tracking and record control right from your Tag. You can even send a highlight command so you can easily find important moments during editing. You can also extend certain camera's battery life using the supplied USB Power port. See supported Camcorders below.

DSLRs - Send Photo Burst commands by pressing the button or tapping your Tag while your Base tracks you from up to 2,000 ft away. You can also use the Base for Motion Time-Lapse and Astro-Tracking. See supported DSLRs below. 

In the Box:

SOLOSHOT2 - Base, Tag, Armband & Clip, USB Charging Cable, Tripod Tool and User Guide.

Camera Controller - Controller, Communication & Power Cables and User Guide. 

Optional Accessories:

SOLOSHOT Custom Tripod, Extra Tags for Multi Mode.

Supported Camcorders & DSLRs

Last updated: January 12th 2015.

  •  SONY – AX100
  •  SONY – CX100
  •  SONY – CX130
  •  SONY – CX160
  •  SONY – CX190
  •  SONY – CX200
  •  SONY – CX210
  •  SONY – CX220
  •  SONY – CX230
  •  SONY – CX240
  •  SONY – CX280
  •  SONY – CX290
  •  SONY – CX330
  •  SONY – CX350
  •  SONY – CX380
  •  SONY – CX390
  •  SONY – CX410
  •  SONY – CX430
  •  SONY – CX500
  •  SONY – CX520
  •  SONY – CX540
  •  SONY – CX550
  •  SONY – CX900
  •  SONY – CX7
  •  SONY – PJ275
  •  SONY – PJ340
  •  SONY – PJ430
  •  SONY – PJ650
  •  SONY – PJ790
  •  SONY – PJ810
  •  SONY – VG30
  •  SONY – NEX5U
  •  SONY – NEX5U
  •  Canon – HFG20
  •  Canon – XA10
  •  Canon – XA20
  •  Canon – HFG10
  •  Canon – HFG20
  •  Canon – HFG30
  •  SONY w/ LANC-Port
  •  SONY w/ Multi-Port
  •  Canon w/ LANC-Port
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Pan: 360° at 80° per second continuously in both directions

Tilt:150° of vertical tracking at 35° per second

Battery: Up to 8 Hours of internal battery rechargeable using supplied USB cord

Accessory Port: For adding features such as camera control and charging Tags

Feedback: Long range directional Green LED for tracking feedback

Security: K-Lock socket for locking camera to Base unit, Tool for secure attachment to attachment to tripod which may be locked to a fixed object using a standard bike lock.


Durable and lightweight

Range: 10 - 2,000 ft Range

Dimensions: 2.1oz. - 50x47x23mm

Durability: Waterproof (up to 100 ft.) and shock resistant

Battery: 4-Hour internal battery recharges by docking into Base accessory port

Mounts: Armband & Clip provided. Additional mounting accessories coming soon.

Automatic Zoom

When used with a compatible camcorder, SOLOSHOT2 will automatically send zoom commands to keep you well framed in the shot.

Choose from 3 different zoom settings: Tight, Medium and Wide.

Record Control

Start and stop recording right from your Tag from up to 2,000 feet away.

Highlight Mode - Use your Tag to mark events during the action with a quick button press or by firmly tapping your Tag.

Multi Mode - Tell your Base to record continuously or create a new file every time it switches to follow a new Tag!

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