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It is worth selling out close to a grand for the Surface pro 3?

Tuesday, 22 April 2014 8:09:00 pm Australia/Sydney

There are many people out there who spend a great deal of time or perhaps part of their precious time lugging around a tablet and laptop at the same time. Most people carry around their standard 13 inch Ultrabook or the latest MacBook Air along with an iPad. Which after some time is no fun to carry around when you're flying halfway around the world all the time. So, this is why Microsoft tries to edge in the new Surface Pro 3.

So what's new?

The Surface Pro 3 is lighter, thinner and has a much better resolution on screen. So, for all intents and purposes it outshines both the Pro 2 and the obviously the first Pro. However, the specs are a lot like the Pro 2 which puts it on par with any current gen portable computer. The most significant tweaks have been made to the keyboard and hinge which were the most problematic in the last two generations. But the keyboard is still not perfect and so you cannot really say that it's a true laptop replacement if you need to type a lot. But it's the first surface that some people may be able to use as their primary computing device.

Improved type cover

As I said earlier the keyboard and its hinge have received the most attention by Microsoft. The keyboard despite being far from perfect is still the best tablet keyboard I've come across but it falls short compared to a budget laptop. I like the secondary hinge which is along the top edge, you can fold the cover along, and lift it up which is then held back by a magnetic connection, allowing for a more natural typing experience but typing is definitely louder.

Battery life

The Surface Pro 3 has by far the best battery life even if it is by a very small margin. Video playback is arguably around 7 hours and 30 minutes. While the MacBook air runs at around 6 hours and 30 minutes.

Final verdict

Should you spend over a grand to buy the Surface pro 3? well it depends on if you spend most your time away from home and away from civilization while trying to stay connected to your office. If that is the case the slimmer and lighter Pro 3 is a must have. If not then the extra money is not worth it, personally I'll wait for the Surface Pro 4!

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