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My experience with the Samsung Curve TV

Sunday, 8 June 2014 8:23:00 pm Australia/Sydney

Samsung Curved UHS Television

The first time I was introduced to the Samsung Curve TV was back in January in Las Vegas during a full week at CES. It was at CES that Samsung and to some extent LG had spent a significant amount of money and time trying to highlight the benefits of bendable and curved television screens and labelled it the next big thing for the year 2014. However, since then I waited eagerly to get my hands on a curved television for at least a day so I could experience firsthand what all the fuss was about. Fast forward to present day and Samsung has been the first to start selling their curved television, so I jumped at the chance to get my hands on one to review for a day.

First impressions out of the box

After five minutes of unpacking and mounting Samsung's curve TV on my television rack I realized just how out of place and different the strange curve looked in contrast with everything else in my room which was a straight line. But I appreciated the futuristic look the curve delivers and it does not look all that bad, as a matter of fact it looked pretty good. It's a compact design with slimmer lines which was something I couldn't help but admire.

Television watching experience

I watched a couple of HD movies (1080p) which I had previously watched on my flat screen HD television sitting in that very same spot. Interestingly, I soon forgot about the curve which initially was a bit of a distraction. That said I felt a bit bothered with one movie which had this letterbox bar around it that I couldn't seem to get rid of. However, after some tweaking I was able to zoom enough to stretch the box beyond the boundaries of the television so I was not distracted by it anymore.

My takeaway

After spending a day with the Samsung Curve TV I can safely say that it offers a different experience. I personally liked the experience but with regular content there will be a bit of distortion. People who often watch the finance channel may be distracted by a bending ticker at the bottom and top of the screen. But its otherwise great for watching HD movies. Is it worth the extra money? well this depends on what you want to watch.

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