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Why the revamp to Lenovo's Y Series gaming laptop has me excited

Tuesday, 17 June 2014 8:06:00 pm Australia/Sydney

Lenovo has been busy attempting to revamp their lines but no other has been more prominently displayed than the Y50. The Y50 was displayed at CES 2014 alongside the Y40. Both laptops are part of Lenovo's Y  series and are being billed as casual gaming laptops which are for all intents and purposes not meant to compete against speciality gaming laptops costing $2000 and above. But rather these are supposed to fill the gap or perhaps work as a crossover between systems that can satisfy most mainstream gamers yet without being thick and clunky or in other words sacrificing portability.

Exciting configuration

The Y50 comes with either a standard 1080p display or the optional 4K display one which is similar to the Yoga 2 Pro. The system features an optional Nvidia GeForce graphics card and offers up to the flagship Core i7 processor which are paired with both regular and solid state hard drives. The Y50 also includes a backlit keyboard, the option to get a touch screen and an optical drive.

The Y40 on the other hand is a bit smaller with a 14 inch screen but with the same CPU and hard drive options but without an optical drive. The GPU of choice for the Y40 is the Radeon R9 which is more than enough to pump energy into the 1080p display.

What has me excited?

The fact is that even though the Y50 and the Y40 are being billed as a crossover gaming machine the specs show that they do pack a lot of muscle but without the added weight. For people who love to work and game on the way the laptop is perfect since they can just minimize their spreadsheet and resume Watchdogs at 1080p without so much as the laptop flinching.

I'm also excited about the black and red colour profile of the laptop coupled with the fact that Lenovo has really gone all out in terms of design something which they hardly ever do. They have taken what some people see as a standard laptop design and given it a new age, gamer feeling another thing that has me excited is the fact that its light and portable perfect for people who compute and game on the go.

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