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Why the JVC ADIXXION has be excited about video?

Wednesday, 21 May 2014 8:21:00 pm Australia/Sydney

JVC has taken a jab at a category which has until now largely been occupied by many smaller known brands like Liquid Image, Drift, Contour and iOn. JVC has now become one of the very few large companies to produce an action cam. This is one big reason why the JVC ADIXXION GC-XA1 has managed to make waves, not only because it is waterproof for up to 5 meters submerged but also because its shock poof for up to 6.5 feet, freeze proof and even dust proof. All of this is made possible without any extra housing. Plus the 1.5 inch LCD coupled with Wi-Fi built into the device making sharing what you've captured very easy.

Tech specs

The 8 megapixel BSI CMOs sensor designed for the XA2 can easily record for up to 60 frames a second at 1080p resolution and 720p at 120 frames per second which allows for excellent slow motion playback. Plus I'm especially excited about this kit with the f2.4 lens which gives it full 137 degree view when you are recording at 1080p, WVGA or 720p. Plus the built in gyro sensor has also been installed to further improve the camera's stabilization which does make a a difference when it comes to improving otherwise what may turn out to be jittery video.

The other thing that has me excited is the improved WiFi built into the camera which allows for it to work as an access point too for streaming video to any smartphone or directly to Ustream. This also allows you to directly upload videos to YouTube or perhaps transfer pictures to the cloud. All you need is the Adixxion App which is available for both Android and iOS, the app has been of late updated with the new Quad View feature which allows people to simultaneously view direct streams from up to a whopping four Adixxion cameras.

The built-in battery can provide video recording for up to 2 hours. However, once the battery goes down you can always either swap in fresh ones or you can power up the camera via a USB adapter.


The GC-XA2 is the best camera you'll find in this category when it comes to value for money. Its excellent video quality and feature packed design puts it right up there with the very best in this category.

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