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Is the Toshiba P50t Laptop really a winner?

Wednesday, 16 July 2014 8:23:00 pm Australia/Sydney

Toshiba P50t Laptop

The killer feature of the Toshiba P50t laptop is its 4K screen which is by no means mainstream consumer technology, not at least for another few years. 4K refers to a screen capable of displaying resolutions of up to 3840x2160. There are just a handful of PC monitors that are capable of hitting this resolution but it's a feature we are just starting to see in laptops.

Wrapping your head around its configuration

To make things confusing Toshiba manufactures a number of different versions of their P50 series but there is only one configuration that has a 4K screen, and this packs an i7 CPU, 1TB HDD, 16GB of Ram and a super fast AMD R9 M265X GPU. Even though the hardware is definitely beefy but this is what is needed to power a 4K screen for smooth videos something that you'll know a lot about if you've used the 4K friendly Mac Pro. It is interesting to note that in Australia this particular model with the 4K screen is called the P50t-B.

Should you really spend this much for 4K?

I'd assume that video editing professionals would be interested in a high resolution screen and hardware that packs a lot of muscle. Many video editing pros use Final Cut on their Mac OS X with the same software also used on Windows. But there are very few sources of 4K consumer video content to begin with. Even giants like Netflix are only just experimenting with 4K streams. Although the technology may appeal to photographers who want max real estate and video professionals who are working on the cutting edge of video content editing for 4K resolutions. But if you're considering gaming then 4K is a big loss because the AMD card cannot push enough pixels and fast enough to run current gen games.

Bottom line

Even though the P50t has that solid 15inch premium feel packed along with a great 4K touch screen but there is little use for it other than bragging rights. Yes it is a winner when you compare its price to value ratio but then again you'll only start enjoying the screen in 2016 if you're lucky.

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